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  1. Commentary: Vehicle growth rate cut may lead to increase in housing prices in some areas

    The cut in the vehicle growth rate may see a rise in COE prices but transport policymakers should not ignore the potential impact on housing, say ...
  2. COE premiums close mostly lower in latest bidding exercise

  3. Commentary: Car or car-less? All depends on the parents

    With transport options getting more family-friendly and hassle-free, owning a car makes no sense, says a mother of three.
  4. COE premiums close mixed in latest bidding exercise

  5. COE premiums close higher in latest bidding exercise

  6. Commentary: Hard to be a car-lite society without a reliable MRT system

    MRT delays and breakdowns can impact Singapore’s long-term goal to become car-lite, says the National University of Singapore’s Diao Mi.
  7. LTA cuts vehicle growth rate to zero