Cambodia National Rescue Party

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  1. US restricts entry to Cambodians over opposition crackdown

  2. At Angkor Wat, Cambodian strongman stamps brand on kingdom

  3. Debate stifled in Cambodia as crackdown spreads fear

    "We speak our mind", says the website of a group of young Cambodians who have met at weekends for the past six years to discuss politics over mugs ...
  4. Cambodian opposition's parliament seats reallocated to smaller parties after ban

    Parliamentary seats held by Cambodia's recently banned opposition party were reallocated on Thursday to smaller parties that had failed to win any ...
  5. Sweden stops some new aid for Cambodia in protest over crackdown

  6. China supports Cambodia's crackdown on political opposition

    China supports Cambodia's efforts to protect political stability and believes it will smoothly hold elections next year, Chinese Foreign Minister ...
  7. Cambodian court charges two journalists with espionage

  8. US calls for release of Cambodian opposition leader

  9. Cambodia's opposition braces for Supreme Court decision

    Cambodia's Supreme Court on Thursday began its final session to decide whether to dissolve the main opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party ...
  10. Cambodia court to rule on opposition party's dissolution