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  1. India's tax department considers tax on virtual currencies

    India's central tax authority is investigating bitcoin exchanges to try and find a way to tax transactions, an official said on Wednesday, even as ...
  2. Uber agrees to settle US lawsuit filed by India rape victim

    Uber Technologies Inc and a woman who accused top executives of improperly obtaining her medical records after a company driver raped her in India ...
  3. Commentary: Smart cities might not be such a bright idea

    Instead of championing connectivity and efficiency, urban planners should figure out what people really want out of their neighbourhoods, say a ...
  4. Cricket - Lakmal vomits on field, Delhi may lose winter tests

  5. Doctors say no to sport in Delhi as cricketers choke in smog

    Unprecedented scenes of Sri Lankan cricketers wearing face masks have reignited debate about hosting major sports in heavily polluted New Delhi, ...
  6. Cricket - Kohli double ton piles on the agony for Sri Lanka

  7. Uber to partner with Mahindra to pilot electric vehicles in India

    Ride-hailing firm Uber Technologies will partner with automaker Mahindra and Mahindra to add electric vehicles on its platform in India, the two ...
  8. Delhi half-marathon goes ahead despite smog, health warnings

    The US embassy website on Sunday showed levels of the smallest and most harmful airborne pollutants hovered near 200 - eight times the World ...
  9. Kolkata rain delays toss in India v Sri Lanka opener

    Light rain has delayed the toss and start of play in the first test between India and Sri Lanka at Kolkata's Eden Gardens on Thursday.
  10. Commentary: The world’s most polluted city, a title none wants to win

    Airlines have cancelled flights, schools were closed and authorities are considering allowing private vehicles in the city only every other day.