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  1. Qatar signs US$8b deal to buy 24 Typhoon fighters from UK

  2. Saudi crown prince bought US$450m Da Vinci painting: Report

  3. Qatar foreign minister joins GCC peers in Kuwait meeting

  4. Qatari emir to attend Gulf summit despite row - foreign minister

  5. Qatar urges Gulf neighbours to let nationals attend 2022 World Cup

    Qatar is urging the four countries imposing a diplomatic and trade boycott against it to allow their nationals to attend the World Cup in Doha in ...
  6. Saudi, UAE, Bahrain to miss Qatar's Gulf Cup amid rift

  7. Commentary: The TPP deal that almost wasn’t

    It’s important to keep the flame for global trade agreements and liberalisation alive, yet Canada almost scuttled the Trans-Pacific Partnership ...
  8. Qatar emir says open to Trump-hosted talks over Gulf crisis - CBS

    Qatar's ruler said he is ready for U.S.-hosted direct talks aimed at solving the worst diplomatic crisis in the Gulf in years but has yet to hear ...
  9. Bahrain foreign minister calls for freezing Qatar out of GCC

    Bahrain will not attend the upcoming GCC summit if Qatar does not change its stand, and the right step to preserve the Gulf Cooperation Council ...