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  1. German court rules Kuwait airline is allowed to ban Israelis

  2. US investor Cerberus takes 3 percent stake in Deutsche Bank

    U.S. buyout fund Cerberus has taken a 3 percent stake in Deutsche Bank , Germany's flagship lender said on Wednesday.
  3. European markets falter on Wall Street weakness

  4. Fed chief says policy guidance beneficial but must be conditional

    The U.S. Federal Reserve's guidance about its likely future policy path is beneficial but should always be viewed as conditional on how the ...
  5. German prosecutors raid Commerzbank in tax evasion probe

  6. German investigators shut down illegal file-sharing site

  7. German court slaps Swiss man with suspended prison term for spying

  8. German, Turkish foreign ministers meet after detainee released

    Germany's foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel met his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu in Turkey on Saturday, in a chance to discuss strained ties ...
  9. T-Mobile and Sprint work to save merger talks: WSJ

    T-Mobile US and Sprint are working to salvage their US$74 billion merger and could reach a deal within weeks, the Wall Street Journal reported, ...