Jeffrey Feltman

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  1. North Korea's envoy, Tillerson to attend UN meeting

  2. UN envoy urges Security Council to visit Myanmar, Bangladesh

    A top U.N. official recounted to the Security Council on Tuesday "heartbreaking and horrific accounts of sexual atrocities" by Myanmar soldiers ...
  3. North Korea says US threats make war unavoidable, China urges calm

    North Korea's foreign ministry blamed the drills and "confrontational warmongering" by US officials for making war inevitable.
  4. B-1B bomber joins US-South Korea drills as tensions escalate

  5. B-1B bomber joins US-South Korea drills as tensions escalate

  6. UN envoy not carrying US government message on N. Korea visit - US official

    United Nations envoy Jeffrey Feltman, a former high-level U.S. State Department official, is not carrying any message from the U.S. government ...
  7. UN political affairs chief to visit North Korea this week

  8. UN envoy bound for North Korea as tensions soar

  9. UN chief calls for united, 'appropriate action' on North Korea

    United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres "counts on the Security Council to remain united and take appropriate action" on North Korea, ...
  10. UN Security Council to meet on Aleppo crisis

    The UN Security Council will hold an urgent meeting on Wednesday to discuss the crisis in Syria's frontline city of Aleppo, where fighting ...