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  1. 'Software logic issue' caused Joo Koon train collision, says LTA following investigations

  2. Commentary: Vehicle growth rate cut may lead to increase in housing prices in some areas

    The cut in the vehicle growth rate may see a rise in COE prices but transport policymakers should not ignore the potential impact on housing, say ...
  3. Commentary: An inter-agency committee to deal with MRT tunnel flooding? This sounds familiar

    Singapore has a penchant for forming taskforces and committees to deal with crisis and issues of national concern, but such solutions are not a ...
  4. Commuters take later opening in stride at affected MRT stations

    Channel NewsAsia's Vanessa Paige Chelvan was at Buona Vista MRT station on Saturday on the first morning of delayed opening times along part of ...
  5. Early closure of MRT stations: Hiccups and delays, but a 'better than expected' journey to the west

    Channel NewsAsia’s Lianne Chia tried out the alternative shuttle bus services and found herself on a relatively uneventful - albeit extended - ...
  6. Commentary: Car or car-less? All depends on the parents

    With transport options getting more family-friendly and hassle-free, owning a car makes no sense, says a mother of three.
  7. Commentary: Driverless vehicles can reshape Singapore, but do consider the human elements

    Autonomous vehicles bring a suite of benefits for a smart nation, but much planning needs to be done before they can be realised, says one ...
  8. Man who sprinkled white flour at Woodleigh MRT station gets maximum fine

    The incident affected more than 1,200 commuters and led to 40 trains being diverted and 107 police officers deployed.
  9. 8 SMRT staff fired for Bishan MRT tunnel flooding incident