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  1. Some landed property owners flouting rules by using PUB water in garden sprinklers

    Industry experts say that technology has advanced to a point that a review of the ban on using PUB water in garden sprinklers would be worthwhile.
  2. PUB to spend S$500m to upgrade drains over next few years

  3. Two contractors fined S$40,000 each for damaging sewer pipes

  4. Berkshire pub is Britain's most dog-friendly

  5. Phase 2 of deep tunnel sewer system designed to last 100 years

    When completed in 2025, the 100km of tunnels and sewers will extend the deep tunnel system to cover the western part of Singapore.
  6. More checks on public drains ahead of monsoon season: PUB

  7. 230 homes fitted with more efficient flush toilets: PUB