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  1. Palestinian president to shun Pence over Jerusalem move

  2. Trump Jerusalem move sparks Palestinian protests, clashes

  3. Palestinians fire warning ahead of Trump Jerusalem decision

    The Palestinian president's office warned Friday of the potential destructive effects of any move denying their claim to east Jerusalem as the ...
  4. Iran wrestler throws bout to avoid fighting Israeli

  5. Palestinian PM in Gaza on first visit since 2015

  6. Aid workers fear fallout from Israel visa suspension

  7. Boy, 8, drives to McDonald's for a cheeseburger

    Police were alerted by people who saw the boy driving through town, on the way to a McDonald's.
  8. PM Lee responds to PERGAS letter on concern over Israeli-Palestinian situation

    “Singapore fervently hopes for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, which will contribute to a stabler Middle East and indeed a safer ...
  9. PM Lee hopes Israel and Palestine resume talks for 'just' solution to long-standing conflict

    The Israel-Palestine issue concerns people all over the world and is an "emotional issue" especially for Muslims. And Singapore is in Southeast ...
  10. Singapore reiterates support for Israel-Palestine talks after Paris summit

    Singapore has also urged all sides to refrain from "unilateral actions" that would change the status quo in the seven-decade conflict.