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  1. Fashion legend Alaia's last designs to hit catwalk

  2. France dubs '120 Days of Sodom' a national treasure to stop sale

  3. France seeks momentum and money for struggling West Africa force

  4. Investors turn against fossil fuels at Paris climate summit

    Two years to the day since 195 nations sealed the Paris Agreement to avert worst-case climate change, banks and companies announced billions of ...
  5. France's Le Drian says 'no' to Iran Mediterranean axis

    France's foreign minister criticised Iran's regional ambitions, saying Paris could not accept Tehran's military expansion to the Mediterranean, ...
  6. Marquis de Sade erotic novel, or some quantum theory? You choose

    Fancy some 232-year old pornography, written in the Bastille and hidden behind a stone?
  7. Man charged over extremist murders of French police couple

  8. France awards climate grants to US-based scientists on summit eve

    Emmanuel Macron plans to award multi-year grants for several U.S.-based scientists to relocate to France, his office said on Monday on the eve of ...
  9. Corsica's nationalists dream bigger after election win