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  1. Train fares for morning pre-peak travel to fall by up to 50 cents: PTC

  2. Public Transport Council kicks off 2017 fare review exercise

    It will announce its decision on the fare adjustment quantum in the last quarter of 2017, the council says.
  3. Review of public transport fare formula under way

    The Public Transport Council says it will review the effectiveness of the current fare adjustment formula and mechanism, and propose improvements ...
  4. Taxi companies get green light to introduce surge pricing

    The move comes amid stiff competition from private-hire car drivers under third-party apps like Uber and Grab.
  5. Trains on NSEWL, Downtown Line to get new monitoring systems

    All 66 new trains on the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL) and the new power supply system will have monitoring sensors, while an Automatic ...
  6. Need to strike balance in transport cost burden: Khaw Boon Wan

    Over the years, taxpayers have had to subsidise more of the rising operating costs as public transport fares in Singapore have not kept up, ...
  7. Surge pricing needs to improve matching of supply to demand of taxis: Ng Chee Meng

    In a Facebook post on Monday (Mar 6), the Second Minister for Transport says the taxi companies proposed these plans for their drivers to better ...
  8. Trans-cab, Premier Taxis to introduce surge pricing this month

    Trans-cab's managing director says metred fares will still be used, but not for rides booked via Grab.
  9. Commuters mostly satisfied with taxi, private hire car services in 2016

    Respondents were asked about waiting time, ease of booking, information, ride comfort, driver’s knowledge of route, service provided by the ...
  10. Commuter satisfaction in public transport at 9-year high: PTC survey

    Commuters’ satisfaction levels with public transport rose to 96.4 per cent last year, up from 91.8 per cent in 2015, according to a survey ...