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  1. All SMRT bus services to be wheelchair-accessible from Dec 17

  2. VW aims at ride-pooling market with all-electric minibus

    Volkswagen has unveiled an all-electric minibus to target urban customers who prefer to pay for use rather than own a vehicle, furthering the ...
  3. Electric car-sharing scheme to hit the roads Dec 12

  4. Low-income and owning a car. Why?

    A good proportion of the bottom 20 per cent of households have a car, but should they? Talking Point investigates.
  5. Amazon is a potential customer, says Textron aviation chief

    Textron Inc sees Inc as a potential customer, the head of the company's aviation business told CNBC on Tuesday, given the increased ...
  6. Self-driving buses, shuttles to be tested in 3 towns from 2022

    The towns will be planned with autonomous vehicle-friendly features, says Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.
  7. Maserati catches fire along KPE

  8. Discipline, experience the secret to Taipei Metro's success

  9. Man charged with molesting two women on bus