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  1. Ancient Roman Pantheon to start charging entry fee in 2018

  2. Naples pizza twirling wins coveted UNESCO 'intangible' status

  3. Naples pizza twirling seeks nod as UNESCO 'intangible heritage'

    Naples' art of pizza twirling is a candidate to join UNESCO's list of "intangible heritage" next week along with a wealth of other cultural ...
  4. New UNESCO chief brushes off US pullout

  5. Grace Fu to visit Paris for 39th UNESCO General Conference

  6. Former French culture minister to head UNESCO

  7. France's Azoulay wins UNESCO director general election: official

    The United Nations' cultural agency has selected France's Audrey Azoulay as its new director general, two diplomatic sources said on Friday.
  8. Too little cash, too much politics, leaves UNESCO fighting for life

  9. UN cultural agency to pick new chief after US walkout

  10. UNESCO selects France's Azoulay as new chief