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  1. Half of world's people can't get basic health services - WHO

  2. Investors turn against fossil fuels at Paris climate summit

    Two years to the day since 195 nations sealed the Paris Agreement to avert worst-case climate change, banks and companies announced billions of ...
  3. Banks, companies turn against coal as leaders seek cash for climate

  4. Burundi will raise funds from citizens to pay for 2020 election

  5. Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe issues pro-investment budget

    The US$5.1 billion (€4.32 billion) budget, the first since Mugabe's shock resignation on Nov 21, must now be passed by parliament.
  6. Fiji spending soars to battle climate risks

    Fiji warned on Friday it faces soaring costs to protect itself from climate change and called on the world to do more to curb carbon emissions to ...
  7. World Bank approves US$400 million to rebuild liberated Iraqi areas

    The World Bank on Tuesday approved US$400 million (301.39 million pounds) in additional funding to help rebuild services to Iraqi areas recaptured ...
  8. Serbia's pensioners rally against government austerity measures