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  1. Chinese ink-brush artwork sells for record US$144m

  2. Trump beats Kim, sort of, at Art Basel in Miami Beach

  3. Frescoes and friendship: Syrian refugee bridges divides in Milan

  4. Cambodia's ancient dance gets modern all-male makeover

    A Cambodian male dance troupe is breathing new life into Khmer classical dance, an ancient art form on the brink of extinction in modern Cambodia.
  5. Li's knockout win puts China on UFC map

  6. Hong Kong lights up for Lumieres festival

  7. Supermom and The Leech: MMA grabs a foothold in China

    Her toothy smile and "Supermom" nickname may not seem very intimidating, but that changes when Chinese mixed martial artist Miao Jie steps into ...
  8. German artists build Holocaust memorial near far-right leader's home

    A German political art group on Wednesday said it had built a pared-down version of Berlin's Holocaust memorial near the home of a far-right ...
  9. Auchan/Alibaba deal turns up the heat on Carrefour in China

    A partnership between French retailer Auchan and internet giant Alibaba risks pushing Carrefour further behind in China and could persuade its ...