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  1. Home births in rural areas just as safe as in cities

  2. First US birth for woman with transplanted uterus occurs in Texas

  3. Dazzling egg fossils crack open secrets of ancient flying reptiles

    A dazzling discovery in northwestern China of hundreds of fossilized pterosaur eggs is providing fresh understanding of these flying reptiles that ...
  4. Epidurals with fentanyl not linked to lower odds of breastfeeding

  5. Baby-gender 'reveal' parties may have a dark side

  6. Babies learn what words mean before they can use them

  7. Kenya orders inquests into alleged police killing of girl and baby

  8. 'That's art?' Baby turns heads in Manhattan auction house window

  9. 'At the doors of starvation' - siege strangles Damascus suburbs

    A tightening siege has pushed people to the verge of famine in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, residents and aid workers say, bringing ...