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  1. US moves to block transgender military recruits signing up

  2. Liberated Belgian artist ends chain reaction performance

  3. Pakistani police fire tear gas at Islamists blockading capital

  4. US sues to block US$85b AT&T-Time Warner merger

  5. Pakistan issues 'last warning' to Islamists blocking entrance to capital

    Pakistan's government on Friday issued a final warning to members of a hard-line Islamist party who have blocked a main road into the capital ...
  6. Pakistan police arrest dozens from Islamist party blocking entrance to capital

    Pakistani police have arrested dozens of members of a hard-line Islamist party that has blocked a main entrance to the capital since last week, a ...
  7. Afghanistan will not block WhatsApp, Telegram: spokesman

    The Afghan government will not block the instant messaging services WhatsApp and Telegram, a spokesman said on Monday, following days of ...
  8. Indonesia threatens to block WhatsApp messaging over obscene content

    Indonesia on Monday vowed to block Facebook Inc's WhatsApp Messenger within 48 hours if the service did not ensure that obscene Graphics ...