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  1. Scan or scam: Why you should think before you use a QR code

  2. 'We were just lucky': Cybersecurity chief on attacks in Singapore in 2017

  3. Hackers halt plant operations in watershed cyber attack

  4. MINDEF to open computer systems to hackers so that vulnerabilities can be found and fixed

    The Internet-facing systems include the Ministry of Defence’s website, NS Portal and eHealth, according to the ministry.
  5. Hackers hit major ATM network after US, Russian bank breaches: Report

    A previously undetected group of Russian-language hackers silently stole nearly US$10 million from at least 18 mostly U.S. and Russian banks in ...
  6. Bike-sharing provider oBike suffers global data breach

    The data breach affected users from Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland and Great Britain, according to a report by Bavarian news agency BR24.
  7. China think tank calls for 'democratic' Internet governance

    China ranks fifth among 38 nations globally in standards of cyber governance, a top state-backed internet think tank said on Monday, calling for a ...