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  1. Commentary: Wanted – a new generation of accountants

    Facing a new wave of automation, young accountants must redefine their role and their value-add to their company, say three Singapore Management ...
  2. Apple, Facebook find something to praise China for amid internet clamp

    Top executives at Apple Inc and Facebook Inc managed to find something to praise Beijing for at an internet conference in China this week, even as ...
  3. France's Macron seeks renewal of Africa ties, but old problems persist

    Barely six months into office, President Emmanuel Macron is already preparing for his third visit to sub-Saharan Africa. Yet while the energetic ...
  4. In change of tone, leader of German FDP calls Macron a 'godsend'

  5. Digital economy a priority for Singapore when it takes ASEAN chair in 2018

  6. Singapore's National Trade Platform wins international award

  7. Malaysia's new digital economy adviser Jack Ma could still be Indonesia's adviser

    In September, Indonesia's Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara said it was setting up a 'steering committee' to spur e-commerce ...
  8. Cybersecurity sector projected to grow to S$900m by 2020: Yaacob

    Dr Yaacob said that cyber security is one of the emerging growth sectors in Singapore's digital economy, with the potential to provide more than ...
  9. Digital proficiency programme for PMETs to be launched by Q3

    The Singapore Computer Society-certified programme is targeted at professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) across all sectors.