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  1. Cold turkey at Vietnam's compulsory drug rehab centres

  2. 2.6kg of synthetic cannabis seized in Yishun, 2 men arrested

  3. Myanmar opium crop shrinks by a quarter

    The area under opium poppy cultivation in Myanmar has shrunk by a quarter in the last two years, a UN study said Wednesday, as demand for opiates ...
  4. 1.31kg of heroin seized, 5 arrested in CNB drug bust

  5. 162 arrested in 4-day islandwide drug bust

  6. Malaysia tour group arrested trying to smuggle HK$4m of drugs into Hong Kong: Report

    Six members of a tourist group from Malaysia were arrested in Hong Kong for attempting to smuggle in nearly HK$4 million (US$512,000) worth of ...
  7. Controlled drugs found hidden in coach at Woodlands Checkpoint

  8. First case of laughing gas addiction treated in Singapore

  9. Duterte says Philippine police to return to drugs war if problem worsens

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Saturday that the police would reassume their lead role in implementing his war on drugs if the ...
  10. S$69,000 worth of drugs seized at Woodlands Checkpoint