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  1. First gay marriages take place in Australia

  2. Timeline of gay marriage and rights in Australia

  3. Stirred by same-sex marriage vote, Australia's youth gets serious

    It was supposed to relieve a headache for Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but a postal vote on whether to legalise same-sex marriage ...
  4. Australia's Turnbull defends 'religious freedom' amid gay marriage poll

    Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a strong supporter of gay marriage, defended the right of a church to refuse to marry a young couple ...
  5. Thousands rally for gay marriage in Australia ahead of vote

    Thousands of people rallied for marriage equality in Australia's second-biggest city of Melbourne on Saturday ahead of a postal survey on same-sex ...
  6. Google's firing of memo writer strikes nerve in Silicon Valley

  7. Australia seeks to resolve gay marriage debate this year

    Australia will vote in November on whether to allow same-sex marriage, settling a long-stalled debate by the end of this year, Prime Minister ...
  8. 'Will & Grace' return promises laughs, and a touch of Trump

  9. Muslim leader urges Indonesians to boycott Starbucks over LGBT stand

    A leader of Indonesia's second-largest Muslim organisation has called for a boycott of Starbucks, saying that the international coffee chain's ...