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  1. North Korea's Kim Jong Un fetes rocket scientists, promises more weapons

    North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un vowed to develop more nuclear weapons on Tuesday while personally decorating scientists and officials who ...
  2. Kim vows to make North Korea 'strongest nuclear power'

  3. China fails to stop UN meeting on North Korea human rights abuses

  4. Soccer: Japanese and North Korean fans brush off 'irrelevant' politics

    Japan and North Korea met on Saturday in what had the potential to be a tumultuous soccer match but spectators largely shrugged off the tensions ...
  5. Japan arrests North Korean crew amid mystery boat arrivals

  6. North Korea says UN envoy expressed willingness to ease tensions

    The U.N. political affairs chief expressed willingness to ease tension on the Korean peninsula during a visit to North Korea this week, state ...
  7. North Korea says US threats make war unavoidable, China urges calm

    North Korea's foreign ministry blamed the drills and "confrontational warmongering" by US officials for making war inevitable.
  8. B-1B bomber joins US-South Korea drills as tensions escalate