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  1. Are Earthlings alone? Half of humans believe in alien life

  2. Researchers date discovery of Christ's tomb in Jerusalem to Roman era

    Mortar under a slab at the heart of Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre dates to the era of Roman Emperor Constantine, confirming historical ...
  3. The doctor will see you now - but often not for long

  4. Exercise linked to lower risk of premature death in older women

  5. NotPetya hackers likely behind BadRabbit attack: Researchers

    Technical indicators suggest a cyber attack which hit Russia and other countries this week was carried out by hackers behind a similar but bigger ...
  6. In Kuroda's face - researchers find ways to predict central bank changes

    For decades, economists have tried to guess central bank policy direction by studying subtle changes in official language - now, researchers are ...
  7. Researchers uncover flaw that makes Wi-Fi vulnerable to hacks

    Belgian researchers have discovered a flaw in a widely used system for securing Wi-Fi communications that could allow hackers to read information ...
  8. Weight loss surgery linked to lower risk of cancer

  9. One episode of postpartum depression raises likelihood of more