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  1. Arab states urge US to abandon Jerusalem move

    Lebanon's Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said on Saturday that Arab nations should consider imposing economic sanctions against the United States ...
  2. US presses Russia to comply with nuclear missile treaty

  3. Blackwater founder Prince details meeting with Russian in Seychelles

  4. Moving assets abroad is act of treason: Turkish president

  5. Turkey did not violate US sanctions against Iran, 'did the right thing', Erdogan says

    Turkey did not violate U.S. sanctions against Iran and "did the right thing" regardless of the outcome of the ongoing case in the United States, ...
  6. For some Russian oligarchs, sanctions risk makes Putin awkward to know

    The threat of new U.S. sanctions has spread anxiety among Russia's wealthiest people that their association with President Vladimir Putin could ...
  7. US threatens South Sudan action, Russia warns against UN measures

  8. France pushes UN to impose sanctions over Libya migrant crisis