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  1. UN to vote Monday on call for US Jerusalem decision to be withdrawn

    The United Nations Security Council is due to vote on Monday on a draft resolution that would insist decisions on the status of Jerusalem have no ...
  2. UN envoy urges Security Council to visit Myanmar, Bangladesh

    A top U.N. official recounted to the Security Council on Tuesday "heartbreaking and horrific accounts of sexual atrocities" by Myanmar soldiers ...
  3. China fails to stop UN meeting on North Korea human rights abuses

  4. UN says missiles fired at Saudi Arabia have 'common origin'

  5. UN political affairs chief to visit North Korea this week

  6. US battles for global approach on North Korea amid Russia, China doubts

    Donald Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders clarifies that the US is not seeking regime change in North Korea, but is focused on the ...
  7. Video gives new prominence to charges of Libyan slave trade

    A video appearing to show men auctioned as slaves in Tripoli has put a long history of abuses against refugees and migrants there on the ...
  8. Russia already preparing military withdrawal from Syria - agencies

  9. US threatens South Sudan action, Russia warns against UN measures