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  1. Hilton says tax cut would finance share buybacks

  2. Dollar, stock futures gain on US tax cut progress

    The U.S. dollar bounced to a two-week top on Monday as traders celebrated the passage of a Senate tax bill over the weekend, while stronger U.S.
  3. Wall Street hiking corporate profit forecasts on tax cut expectations

    Wall Street forecasters have been hiking their outlooks for 2018 corporate profits on rising expectations that the proposed U.S. tax overhaul, ...
  4. Pound up as Britain coughs up, Bitcoin rockets

  5. US stocks end at records as Senate panel advances tax cut

  6. Trump, Democrats spar as government shutdown looms

    In 2013, a similar spending feud caused 850,000 government officials to be sent home temporarily.
  7. Pass-through businesses to see cuts under tax plan: Steven Mnuchin

    The majority of small businesses and non-corporate enterprises known as "pass-throughs" would see a significant tax cut under the Republican tax ...
  8. US stocks jump as House passes tax cut, Nasdaq hits record

  9. US Congress poised for first vote on tax cut plan

  10. Mark Cuban says tax rates have almost no impact on investment

    Billionaire entrepreneur and potential presidential candidate Mark Cuban said on Wednesday that a cut in the U.S. corporate tax rate would have ...