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Hillary's book launch could be prelude to presidential campaign

As Hillary Clinton embarks on a media tour to support the book, many people are waiting to see if and when she may announce a presidential bid in 2016.

NEW YORK: Former American first lady Hillary Clinton has released a new autobiography this week about her tenure as Secretary of State during Barack Obama's first term.

As she embarks on a media tour to support the book, many people are waiting to see if and when she may announce a presidential bid in 2016.

On early Tuesday, the crowd began showing up at a bookstore in New York City for a chance to get up close and personal with Hillary.

"I first got here at like 7am and could not believe that the line was like 10 blocks long," Heather Arnet, a Hillary supporter, told reporters.

Hillary's new book is called Hard Choices, and it details her time as America's top diplomat in Barack Obama's administration.

Many people view the book's publication as the first step in a campaign for the presidency in 2016.

In fact, a group called Ready for Hillary, which is unaffiliated with the Democrat, parked their bus outside the event.

Their goal was to show Hillary and others that she'd have immediate support as a candidate.

Sean England, communications associate at Ready for Hillary, said: "That is our biggest hope, but also at the end of the day it is her decision. Obviously we would like her to run for president in 2016, we certainly think she is the most qualified to do so."

It seemed that Hillary wouldn't have a tough time convincing this crowd though, as most of the people in line were already her fans.

"I think she's extremely smart, extremely capable, extremely experienced," said her supporter Linda Partland.

The rest of the country could be a tougher sell though.

As part of her intensive media campaign this week, she appeared on an interview with ABC News to defend among other things, her handling of the attacks on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.

Hillary said: "And I certainly would wish that we had made some of the changes that came to our attention to make as a result of the investigation."

If Hillary did have a successful run, she would be the first woman ever to hold America's highest office.

"Eighteen other countries have elected female presidents serving right now, so the US has to catch up," said Arnet.

Hillary has held many titles over her long and illustrious career from Senator to Secretary of State.

And while there's been no official word of a presidential bid, this week could mark the start of what could be her biggest campaign yet.

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