Singapore: Inside Out exhibition hits London

Singapore: Inside Out exhibition hits London

A group of Singaporean artists are travelling across the world to exhibit their country's creative talents in an art display called Singapore: Inside Out, as part of the SG50 celebrations.

LONDON: A group of around 20 Singaporean artists have decamped to London this week for a major exhibition to coincide with the country's 50 year anniversary celebrations.

Dubbed Singapore: Inside Out, the exhibition showcases a collection of multi-sensorial experiences designed by Singapore's creative talents.

It celebrates the country’s food, fashion, film, music, literature and design in a display which debuted in Beijing. After its London presentation, the exhibition will travel to New York in September before returning to Singapore in November.

Among the exhibitors is Janice Wong, a Singaporean chef, who is giving visitors a chocolate-taste of home.

"People can come here and taste the art. They can pick any flavour they want and pop it in their mouth," said Ms Wong, before she grabbed a round piece of chocolate from her art work and put it in her mouth. The reaction of visitors, according to the artist, has been "amazing".

Singapore: Inside Out is an initiative led by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and
is supported by agencies such as the National Arts Council and DesignSingapore

Coinciding with the SG50 celebrations, the exhibition's objective is to broaden the international community’s perception of Singapore by showcasing a spectrum of its creative talents.

Source: CNA/pp