Spanish bullfighter dies after being gored

Spanish bullfighter dies after being gored

Spanish matador Ivan Fandino is impaled by a Baltasar Iban bull during a bullfight at the Corrida des Fetes on Jun 17, 2017 in Aire sur Adour, southwestern France. (Photo: AFP/Iroz Gaizka)

AIRE-SUR-L'ADOURL, France: Spanish bullfighter Ivan Fandino died in hospital on Saturday (Jun 17) after being gored by a bull during a fight in south-western France, a medical service source said.

The 36-year-old stumbled in the bullring after catching his feet in his cloak and was gored by the bull whose horn punctured his lung.

The Basque fighter from Orduna near Bilbao, was performing at the Aire-sur-l'Adour bullfighting festival in France with fellow matadors Juan Del Alamo and Thomas Dufau.

Fandino had won an earlier fight and cut off the bull's ear.

Hospital authorities declined to comment but an independent medical source told AFP that Fandino had suffered two heart attacks in the ambulance and died later in hospital.

Source: AFP/ec