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  • India’s Game Changers: Episode 5

    Wed | 8:30 PM | 1 Mar

    India’s Game Changers, India’s only private company Team Indus, to land a Rover on the Moon by end of 2017. Meet Gaurav Deepak, Founder & MD of Avendus Capital that has raised over 10 Billion US$ for over 200 Startups! Get an insight from someone who has vetted hundreds of Startup plans. And Making Indian Pop Art cool with a whole range of funky products: Chumbak

  • Power and Piety: The Road to Jihad

    Thu | 6:00 PM | 2 Mar

    The post 9/11 narrative about Islam has been hijacked by terrorism. Some countries have seen the rise of Islamist groups who mix politics and theology. Explore the reasons why radical beliefs gained traction and how Muslims are fighting back to reclaim their faith on Power an Piety - Road to Jihad.