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The Farmer Without Land

CNA Insider

When Edible Garden City's Bjorn Low first started out as a farmer here, he had one big problem: Where to find ...

Marrying Tech and Romance

CNA Insider

Try on wedding gowns – without the hassle of squeezing into them. In a cut-throat industry, one local bridal salon is ...

South Korea's Elderly Poor: On Suicide Watch

Get Rea!

South Korea has the highest rate of elderly suicides in the world. One 83-year-old is helping others like him - poor ...

Cruising In The Porsche Panamera

First Look Asia

It may look more like a traditional Porsche sports car apart from the four doors. But can the new Panamera live up to ...

Coffee With The Boss: Akbar Al Baker

First Look Asia

Qatar Airways is the fastest-growing airline in the world. The mastermind behind the airline is their Group Chief ...

Cybersecurity – Enhancing Safety Online


What are we doing to keep safe in the cyberspace? What new technologies are available to help us?

Disruption – The New Norm Web Feature part 2


How will demographic changes shape society as we know it?

Disruption – The New Norm Web Feature part 1


Is traditional education still relevant for us in a disruptive economy?

Ep2: 12 April, Cybersecurity: Enhancing Safety Online


Cyber technology is now an essential part of our daily lives. How do we keep ourselves safe amidst the surge in ...

Ep3: 19 April, Building A More Inclusive Society


Who is left out of the nation's conversation and how can we ensure that they are not left behind?

Ep1: 5 April, Disruption – The New Norm


How will the new norm of disruption change the global workplace and how should those entering the workforce adapt?

Working Against Convention

First Look Asia

What does it mean to work in the office of the future? For one, it's all about being open; from spaces to communication ...

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Seeking jobs in the gig economy


Finding work through online platforms - such as private-hire car apps or employment-orientated social networking ...

NYP launches customer experience management centre for SMEs


The business centre at Nanyang Polytechnic aims to provide small- and medium-sized enterprises with the skills to ...

230 laid-off workers found jobs through taskforce for 'responsible retrenchment'


"In our experience, if we are able to reach out to workers earlier, our success rates improves. So we are particularly ...

National sprinter Shanti Pereira first to receive SMU's Yip Pin Xiu scholarship


The 20-year-old won the 200m gold in the 2015 SEA Games, becoming the first female athlete to do so since Glory ...

Indonesia's first high-speed rail project hit by delays

Asia Pacific

Indonesia's first high-speed railway project between Jakarta and Bandung has hit a snag as about 30 per cent of the ...

The rise and fall of a South Korean mining town

Asia Pacific

After the Korean War, coal mines in South Korea boomed in a collective effort to power up a country on the road to ...

Precision engineering firms ramp up investments amid semiconductor boom

Business Singapore

Amid changing manfacturing needs, precision engineering firms are putting in bigger investments to make smaller chips ...

Keeping Singapore's coastline secure amid changing threats

Not only have efforts to enter Singapore illegally by sea have become more organised, the nature of threats has changed.

How President Jokowi uses social media to click with people

The Indonesian president's most recent social media engagement effort is a question-answer segment called ...

Trial of new train signalling system to start on Mar 28


Trains travelling along the North-South Line will pause around 11pm on Mar 28, as SMRT's Operations Control Centre and ...

2018 to be declared France-Singapore Year of Innovation


Events will be held in both countries next year to encourage closer cooperation between the two countries to achieve ...

Singapore-based Grab aiming to raise US$1.5b in new funding

Business International

Ride hailing giant Grab recently drove into Myanmar's market taking a lead over rival Uber. It is currently planning to ...

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