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Episode 3: High School Girls For Hire

Get Rea!
Episode 3

Joushi Kousei or JK shops in Japan are on the rise. These shops offer the experience of being with a high school girl ...

Festive Celebrations In Singapore's Chinatown

First Look Asia

A giant rooster and trendy eateries? Singapore's Chinatown gets a new spin, for the Lunar New Year celebrations. We ...

Enjoying Chinese New Year Goodies In Moderation

First Look Asia

We're just days away to the Chinese New Year and food is certainly one of the season's highlights. But it takes ...

Trump's Trade Agenda

First Look Asia

Cautious on Asian exporters but overweight on domestic consumption plays. We spoke with Daryl Liew, Head Portfolio ...

Making It Work

Lauren Templeton & Scott Phillips run a hedge fund. Do they make better investment decisions as a husband and wife team ...


Bridging Giant

This episode tells stories of Chinese and Cambodian working together on repairing and conservation of Angkor Wat ...

Trump’s America

Documentaries / Specials

Donald Trump rode a wave of support to the White House on the promise of making America great again. But uniting a ...

On The Table: Celebrity Chef Mario Batali

First Look Asia

We sit down with celebrity chef Mario Batali to talk food! And find out why he says one of the most important parts of ...

Daw Cho Aye (Myanmar)

ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs)
Episode 4

For decades, women in rural Myanmar were resigned to a life of toil, sacrifice and quiet discrimination. Cho Aye, a ...

China Economy

First Look Asia

As China announced a Q4 GDP growth of 6.8%, we speak to Tim Condon, Head of Research, Asia at ING Wholesale Banking on ...

Return of Strongman Politics

Episode 36

Political strongmen are making a comeback. Is the world better off with them at the helm?

Age of Innovation

Age Of Innovation

"Age of Innovation" travels through time, showing Singapore's evolution from ancient trading hub to colonial port city ...