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    • Sat
    • 9:30 PM
    • 19 Apr

    In futuristic Tokyo, Jason explores Kenzo Tange’s ultramodern mega-structure that is the Fuji TV Building and an awe-inspiring metallic cathedral that is St. Mary's, then awakens his senses in the radical units of Reversible Destiny Lofts, and concludes that ‘futuristic’ is a relative term.

    • Sun
    • 8:00 PM
    • 20 Apr

    Powerless is a documentary film about the electrical supply in the Indian city of Kanpur, told through the cat-and-mouse game between a 28-year-old electrician renowned for his prowess in stealing electricity and the city administration bent on clamping down on power-theft. Underlying this localized crisis is the glaring energy poverty in a country, where a third of the population is bereft of this basic need, and the rest grapple with power-cuts.

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