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Asian Power Region

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Is the world shifting away from the big trade deals like the Obama administration-backed Trans Pacific Partnership to other pacts, led by Asians? This panel looks at what it will be like living in a post-TPP world.

Age Of Innovation

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Age of Innovation explores incredible innovations that have shaped Singapore. Digitally remastered and coloured archive brings this metropolis to life. From electricity to communications, construction to connectivity, travel by land air and sea, we follow a nation hundreds of years in the making.

ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs)

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From royalty to puppet artist, these are ten innovative and amazing under 40-year-olds primed to be ASEANs Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs). This series will give a first-hand look into the life of each ANGeL and how each is bringing change to society, ASEAN and even the world, in a different way.

ASEAN Spotlight

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ASEAN Spotlight is a half-hour news magazine programme showcasing how ASEAN affects the lives of ordinary people across the region. The series will draw stories from each of ASEAN’s three areas of policy making and how they affect people’s lives. These are real-life, people based stories that reflect the needs and aspirations of ASEAN citizens whilst recognising the different characteristics and cultural sensitivities of each of the ASEAN Member States.

Behind the Sirens

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We don't think about them - not until an emergency occurs. Behind the Sirens is a four-part observational documentary that follows private ambulance company, HOPE, which gives purposeful insight into the lives of medical professionals, for whom responding to emergencies is a way of life.

Between The Lines

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Get the story behind the story. Between the Lines delves deep into issues that matter to an Asian audience. Robust debate and in-depth analysis, now in an extended one-hour format. Coming to you from across Asia, out of Asia, about Asia. Each week, Loke Wei Sue goes on the road to bring you the the story behind the news headlines. She will engage with specially selected panels of experts, drawing out the multi-faceted viewpoints and perspectives on the stories that matter across Asia.

Building Blocks

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Discover how dynamic design concepts create distinct estate identities, aesthetics, flexible living spaces, nature and recreational amenities in Singapore’s public housing. And what’s the design thinking behind the new generation of sustainable, high-density, high-rise developments?

Business Insights

Channel NewsAsia Business Insights: ASEAN Special features an insighful chat with the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde as she assesses ASEAN's economic performance against the backdrop of a slowing global economy.

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Time-banking in Japan

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Mr Yagi cares for his wife who has dementia through Japan’s Time-Banking system. 

Copenhagen 2025

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The city of Copenhagen plans to be carbon neutral by 2025. How are they doing it?

Chat With James Taylor

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5 Grammy awards, 100 million albums sold. Legendary singer-song writer James Taylor shares his passion for music and ...

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