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First Look Asia is a 2-hour breakfast programme that combines all the latest in world, business and sports news with lifestyle topics. We scour the Internet to find out what’s trending online and review regional dailies to see how they’re covering issues pertinent to Asia. Each day, we have a special segment covering food, travel, technology, cars, property and health – all the things that matter. Wake up with us – every morning 7am - 9am Sg/HK.

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Is There Method to the Madness?

Acting coach Kamil Haque tells us all about method acting and actors who embrace the process. 

American actor Daniel Day Lewis won awards for his method acting. Christian Bale lost a staggering 28 kilograms of weight and then to gain it all back and then some for some of his roles. Just why do actors put themselves through the process? Is it really necessary to get under the skin of the characters they're portraying. Our class was in session with acting coach, Kamil Haque.