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In Studio: Property Brothers

Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 on Channel NewsAsia

Want to fix your home and looking for some renovation tips and ideas? 

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  • 1.
    26 Feb 2015 Thu

    Investing Overseas

    Buying property is a popular form of investment in Asia. 

  • 2.
    02 Feb 2015 Mon

    For The Love Of Cartoons

    Coming home to Hello Kitty.

  • 3.
    26 Jan 2015 Mon

    Pet Friendly Homes

    Going that extra mile to make your home comfortable for your furkids.

  • 4.
    19 Jan 2015 Mon

    Virtual Property Investment

    Would you put down half a million US dollars for property that only exists in a video game? Well, some investors would and have even earned from their investments.

  • 5.
    12 Jan 2015 Mon

    Investing in Vineyards

    Reaping bountiful profits from the fruits of the vine. Vineyards are an increasingly popular investment choice among affluent Asians.

  • 6.
    05 Jan 2015 Mon

    Asia's Property Market 2015

    Some experts say the Asian property market is set to make substantial gains this year.

  • 7.
    22 Dec 2014 Mon

    Festive Decor Made Easy

    Dressing up your living space for the festive season doesn't need to be an expensive affair.

  • 8.
    15 Dec 2014 Mon

    Luxury Bathroom

    On Real Deal, we find out how bathrooms are elevated to a space to escape life's stresses.

  • 9.
    08 Dec 2014 Mon

    Investing in School District Property

    Pricey rents and dorm fees are prompting some parents to buy homes for children going overseas to study.

  • 10.
    01 Dec 2014 Mon

    Home of the Future

    Find out how designers are incorporating cutting-edge home control technology.