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The Future of Jobs

Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017 on Channel NewsAsia

As advances in Artificial Intelligence continue, what will the future of jobs look like?

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  • 1.
    20 Mar 2017 Mon

    Tech-Know: Saving Heritage

    From recreating the Apollo 11 to preserving heritage icons.

  • 2.
    14 Mar 2017 Tue

    Decline Of Japanese Electronics

    Toshiba's turmoil marks another decline in Japanese consumer electronics. Does design and innovation have a part to play?

  • 3.
    07 Mar 2017 Tue

    Bridging The Gender Gap

    How are women overcoming the odds in the tech and start-up scene?

  • 4.
    28 Feb 2017 Tue

    Mobile World Congress

    Smartphone manufacturers are showing off their best at the world's largest mobile trade show.

  • 5.
    21 Feb 2017 Tue

    Personal Cybersecurity

    How savvy are users in Asia when it comes to personal cybersecurity? And are you confident that your everyday gadgets are secure?

  • 6.
    14 Feb 2017 Tue

    Disconnected Relationships?

    Have you ever complained your significant other spends too much time on the phone? Well you're not alone.

  • 7.
    07 Feb 2017 Tue

    Travel Planning

    What trends can we expect to see in travel technology and will they really deliver a better user experience?

  • 8.
    31 Jan 2017 Tue

    Tech-Know's Top Five For January

    Spruce up your life with these new tech essentials.

  • 9.
    24 Jan 2017 Tue

    Tech-Know: 2017 Trends

    2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year in tech. What trends can we expect to see here in Asia?

  • 10.
    17 Jan 2017 Tue

    Tech-Know: The Future Of PCs

    Global sales of Personal Computers fell for the fifth straight year. Is there a future for PCs?