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Trip to visit waterfalls in Nikko

Saturday, Apr 18, 2015 on Channel NewsAsia


Previous Episodes

  • New Document
    11 Apr 2015

    Trip to Hot Springs in Tohoku and Kitakanto with Splendid Autumn Views

    This week, we make a trip to hot springs with milky-white water and splendid autumn views in Tohoku and Kitakanto. The first destination is a little-known hot spring inn, Tsuruno-yu Onsen.

  • New Document
    04 Apr 2015

    Trip to visit World Heritage Site in Autumn (Part 2)

    We continue our autumn trip to scenic spots at World Heritage sites and hot springs. At Kusatsu, watch the yumomi show - a tradition which has been passed down since the Edo period. It is held at Netsuno-yu, which was built in 1968.

  • New Document
    21 Mar 2015

    Trip to visit World Heritage Site in Autumn (Part 1)

    This week, we will visit various World Heritage sites, little-known scenic spots and hot springs in autumn. Our first trip is to Nikko and we start by going to a World Heritage site which is also a symbol of Nikko. 

  • New Document
    14 Mar 2015

    Trip to Ocean View Hotels and Mountain Hotels

    This week, we will visit ocean view hotels and mountain hotels which charge about 10,000 yen (S$114) for a night’s stay. The first hotel we will check out is an ocean view hotel in Ito, a famous hot spring town. On weekdays, the Ocean View Villa Jay costs 10,800 yen for a night’s stay, including two meals. 

  • New Document
    07 Mar 2015

    Discover Azumino and Kamikochi (Part 2)

    The men’s and women’s teams continue their trip to spots which command spectacular views of the Northern Alps. The women are driving along the Azumino and Hakuba route, while the men are walking along the Kamikochi and Karasawa route.

  • New Document
    28 Feb 2015

    Discover Azumino and Kamikochi (Part 1)

    This week, two teams embark on a trip to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Northern Alps from various viewpoints. The women’s team will explore these spots along the Azumino Hakuba route by car, while the men’s team will walk along the Kamikochi Karasawa route.

  • New Document
    21 Feb 2015

    Local Bus Trip in Izu (Part 2)

    The Naka-izu and Nishi-izu teams continue their hot spring tour around Izu Peninsula by bus. On the second day, after trying the outdoor spa in Yumotokan, the women from the Naka-izu team check out a public bath. Kajika no Yu, located next to Yumotokan, is well known among the locals. 

  • New Document
    14 Feb 2015

    Hot Spring Trip to Izu (Part 1)

    This week, four women will embark on a bus trip around Izu Peninsula to visit various hot springs. They will be split into two teams, with one travelling through Naka-izu and another via Nishi-izu. Both teams start from Shuzenji Station and will meet at Shimoda at the end of their trip.