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Previous Episodes

  • New Document
    29 Aug 2015

    Journey to Recommended Hot Springs, Scenic Spots and Restaurants in Winter (Part 1)

    Join us as we take various trips around Japan in winter to check out recommended hot springs, scenic spots and restaurants. First up is a trip to Manza Onsen, located 1,800m above sea level.

  • New Document
    22 Aug 2015

    Journey along Popular Local Railway Lines

    This week, we travel along famous local railway lines, check out unique sights and savour delicacies of the different localities. First up is a journey on Tohoku region’s popular JR Gono Line. It connects Kawabe Station in Aomori Prefecture and Higashi-Noshiro Station in Akita Prefecture. 

  • New Document
    15 Aug 2015

    Discover specialties in Kanazawa and Noto

    This week, we will travel around Kanazawa and Noto to check out their top specialities. We first travel by Shinkansen train for about 2.5 hours from Tokyo to Kanazawa Station. Kanazawa is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and is thus known for its seafood. So the first speciality is the “fiery seafood” of Ohmicho Ichiba, the “Kitchen of Kanazawa”. 

  • New Document
    01 Aug 2015

    Teppanyaki Journey (Part 2)

    The three "Teppan Adventurers" - Yuzo Gucchi, Emi Hashino and Masayuki Tokumitsu - continue their search for famous regional ingredients to grill on their iron plate. On the third day, from Toyota City, they head to Obu City in the northern part of Chita Peninsula, where there are many chicken farms.

  • New Document
    25 Jul 2015

    Teppanyaki Journey (Part 1)

    It’s Teppanyaki time! This week, the “Teppan Adventurers” - comprising “Captain” Yuzo Gucchi, Emi Hashino and Masayuki Tokumitsu - will travel around Japan armed with an iron plate. They will visit several places in search of famous local ingredients to grill and create their own version of local specialities using the iron plate. 

  • New Document
    18 Jul 2015

    Journey to visit famous spots for autumn foliage by local trains (Part 2)

    We continue travelling by local railway lines in autumn. On the second day of the Aizu trip, from Aizu Wakamatsu Station, take a train of the Tadami Line which runs along the Tadami River. Passengers are able to observe the beauty of the valley, the mountains and rivers during the journey. Alight at Aizu Kawaguchi and then hop on the “JR replacement bus” to Tadami Station.

  • New Document
    11 Jul 2015

    Journey to visit famous spots for autumn foliage by local trains (Part 1)

    Join us as we travel by local railway lines in autumn. Our first train trip is on JR’s Kisuki Line that connects Shimane to Hiroshima. We will be riding on the Torocco Train, which offers fantastic autumn views of Okuizumo. We begin by travelling for an hour from Tokyo to Izumo En-Musubi Airport in Shimane. 

  • New Document
    04 Jul 2015

    Sugoroku trip around Nikko in autumn (Part 2)

    Two teams continue their Sugoroku trip around Nikko in autumn. On the second day, the women’s team heads to Nikko Lakeside Hotel, which was established in 1894. The ladies choose mission A, and have to bathe in a famous hot spring near Lake Chuzenji. It is located at the hotel itself and its source is a 77-degree sulphur spring.