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Travel by local trains to Obuse in Nagano Prefecture

Saturday, Aug 30, 2014 on Channel NewsAsia


Previous Episodes

  • 23 Aug 2014

    Scenic views of Mt Fuji and Autumn Leaves

    Join us as we travel by bus around Lake Kawaguchi this week. We will check out several places which command beautiful views of autumn leaves and Mt. Fuji. Let’s start the trip at Lake Kawaguchi Station, which is a two-hour bus ride from Shinjuku.

  • 16 Aug 2014

    Visiting Takeda Castle and Kinosaki Hotsprings

    This week, we will visit the ruins of Takeda Castle, also known as “Japan’s Machu Picchu”, and the hot spring town of Kinosaki Onsen. During this three-day trip, we will not only get to enjoy magnificent scenery but also savour a variety of seafood from the Sea of Japan. 

  • 09 Aug 2014

    Travel by local buses to Murotomisaki in Kochi Prefecture (Part 2)

    Join us as we continue our local bus trip from Yamaguchi to Muroto Misaki in Kochi. We resume travelling across the Inland Sea and from the fourth island of Omishima, we cross the 328m-long Omishimabashi Bridge to the next island of Hakatashima. 

  • 02 Aug 2014

    Travel by local buses to Murotomisaki in Kochi Prefecture (Part 1)

    This week, we will travel by local buses from Yamaguchi to Murotomisaki in Kochi. Besides enjoying breathtaking views during the bus rides, we will also get to savour different local dishes along the way. 

  • 26 Jul 2014

    Trip to eat different local curries in Japan (Part 2)

    The North and South teams continue their driving trip around Japan while trying different local curries. The former team has to reach Hokkaido at the end of four days while the latter’s goal is Kyushu. 

  • 19 Jul 2014

    Trip to eat different local curries in Japan (Part 1)

    This week, two teams embark on a four-day driving trip across Japan, during which they have to try different types of curry. One team travels North while another heads South. The goal of the North team is Hokkaido while the South team’s final destination is Kyushu. 

  • 12 Jul 2014

    Scenic Road Trip along Izu Peninsula (Part 2)

    We continue our four-day driving trip along Izu Peninsula, while enjoying more local food and hot springs. On the third day of this 260-km trip, begin by driving to Shimoda from Kawazu. At Shimoda, visit a fish market located in front of a roadside station. 

  • 05 Jul 2014

    Scenic Road Trip along Izu Peninsula (Part 1)

    Hot springs and delicious food await us as we embark on a four-day driving trip around Izu Peninsula. We will travel 260km from Higashi Izu in East Izu to Osezaki, Nishi Izu in West Izu. Begin the trip at Atami and drive along the Jyogasaki Coast towards Ito. You will arrive at Ito Station after 40 minutes. Ito is a popular hot spring town located in the east of Izu peninsula.