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Perspectives, a discussion programme involving a panel of leading thinkers who will discuss the impact of key global events on you and me. Reframing and refocusing your worldview.

  • 8:00 PM


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  • Wednesday | 20 May 8pm

    In the face of language issues and increasing internationalisation of companies, how are countries building the right supply of talent in the right sectors? How can education providers meet the needs of industry? Will DNA programmers, vertical farming and climate change reversal specialists/engineers become some of the top 10 jobs of 2030?

    Sophisticated robots entering the workforce simply means we need a major paradigm shift in how we think about training our emerging workforce.


  • Wednesday | 27 May 8pm

    How are technology innovations in Asia changing the world as we know it? How will the next generation of entrepreneurs drive the Asian century? Will China be the Silicon Valley of Asia?

    What about Indonesia, a country that is undergoing an unprecedented change - with about 5m people per year entering the consuming class, it is estimated there will be 90m people in the consuming class by 2030. How will the internet change the lives of Indonesians as they interact and trade across the archipelago?

  • Wednesday | 3 June 8pm

    Although the gloves are off, leaders can still enable compromise in order to avoid conflict. Why is it some nations obey international law? And what would it take for other countries to follow suit? Why are some countries reluctant to seek third party mediation?

  • Wednesday | 10 June 8pm

    What’s it going to take for Asia to tackle its inequality problem? What more should Asian governments do to empower poor people and communities, particularly women and marginalized groups?

  • Wednesday | 17 June 8pm

    Big data is one of the hottest buzzwords but beyond the volume of data that’s being created, what matters is how one harnesses the ‘value’ of this data and make smart use of it. How will the use of wearables in business change the way we live?

  • Wednesday | 24 June 8pm

    Managing border security, making cities safer, ensuring supply chains are not disrupted – the list is long. It will take innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships to deliver solutions to the growing challenges – will Asia show the way?