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Perspectives, a discussion programme involving a panel of leading thinkers who will discuss the impact of key global events on you and me. Reframing and refocusing your worldview.

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The Perils & Promise Of Cyberspace
Coming up: 7 November 2014 @ 8pm

For over a decade, the cloud has been touted as an IT game-changer and epitomises a fundamental shift in business operations. However, a recent slew of problems – from revelations of data and privacy breaches, to instances of countries snooping on both their own citizens and world leaders – have fuelled scepticism towards governments, technology, and more specifically, cyberspace.

In the face of persistent security concerns, can the cloud overcome its crisis of confidence and be the future of business? Or will it disintegrate under the storm of cyber attacks and data leaks? How will allegations of cyber espionage affect relations between states? With privacy and security becoming intertwined, should privacy be sacrificed in the interests of security?

Virtual Currencies and Taxation
Coming up: 5 December 2014 @ 8pm

Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency, is often dubbed the future of currency. The belief that credible currencies have to be issued and regulated by central monetary authorities has always been assumed to be an incontrovertible truth, but this has been brazenly challenged by the evolution of digital currencies.

What are the potential risks and promises of virtual currencies? With recent events underscoring concerns about the viability of the currency, will the virtual currency phenomenon endure in this world?

The Year Ahead 2015
Coming up: 19 December 2014 @ 8pm

2014 was a year of political shocks and economic shifts. Will 2015 be yet another year of massive transformations? What does the future hold for Asia in an era of escalating uncertainties and complex global challenges?

This must-attend event takes stock of the year ahead from the point of view of some of the best minds from academia, business, and government, and explores how Asia can foster greater collaboration across the political, private, and public sectors to tackle increasingly complex and volatile transnational issues.