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Perspectives, a discussion programme involving a panel of leading thinkers who will discuss the impact of key global events on you and me. Reframing and refocusing your worldview.

  • WED
  • 8:00 PM


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  • Episode 8 - Schools in the Cloud? Globalisation, Innovation, and the Future of Learning

    What is the impact of globalization, technology and innovation on education? What do we need to do to “future-ready” our students and workforce? What will this mean for employers?

  • Episode 9 - The Future of Healthcare

    What are the most pressing healthcare issues facing leaders today? What kind of healthcare do we deserve? How do we get there and are we doing enough?

  • Episode 10 - Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

    Steve Jobs was a born entrepreneur who was naturally innovative. Is the entrepreneurial spirit innate or nurtured? Can we teach people to become entrepreneurs?

  • Episode 11 - Migration and the Asian Workforce

    Countries like Japan and Singapore are facing a rapidly ageing population and a shrinking workforce. Transnational migration has helped mitigate these challenges, but at a cost. What is the impact of these trends for the Asian workforce? How will this affect social cohesion and national identity?

  • Episode 12 - Diplomacy of Small States

    In a world of geopolitics dominated by economic giants and regional alliances, where do small states stand? Is it possible for a small country to exert influence beyond its size?

  • Episode 7 - Beyond The Metropolis: Singapore in the Next 50 Years

    Singapore transformed from a mudflat to a metropolis in 50 years. What lies ahead for this cosmopolitan city?