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Welcome 2 Taiwan

Join "Welcome 2 Taiwan" as we bring you on an exciting adventure ride to get a taste of travel, food and culture in one of the most diverse destinations in Asia – Taiwan.

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Buddy Kaohsiung, Good Friends

27/09/2015, 04/10/15


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    13/09/2015, 20/09/15

    Fresh Dates in Miaoli

    Almost everyone have had red, sweet dried dates before, but have you ever tried fresh red dates? Dates, which are only harvested during the summer each year, hang down from trees like little red light bulbs with just a touch of green. 

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    30/08/2015, 06/09/15

    Fun Times in Jiji, Nantou

    Yushan, Zhuoshui River, Nantou is the heart of Taiwan, a plentiful, lively, spacious and simple. It's actually very easy to get to this relaxing, leisurely paradise. Just take the train and you can feel the charm of this town. New station, old spirit—Jiji Train Station's modest, simple appearance always reminds people of Jiji's past prosperity. 

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    16/08/2015, 23/08/15

    New Blossoms Everywhere

    A vividly beautiful sea of flowers infuse the land with new energy. Admire the flowers in Xinshe and marvel at the wonders of creation; Go fruit picking, cycle, relax and enjoy an artistic holiday; pick mushrooms by hand and enjoy a tasty, healthy hot pot; witness the beauty of love and let the fragrance reach your heart.

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    02/08/2015, 09/08/15

    Come to Wufeng

    Wufeng has a long history and is the site of the Lin Family Mansion and Garden, one of the four famous gardens in Taiwan. Wufeng is also artistic and chic, and is home to the exotic Asia University. Walk through the devastation of 9.21 and witness the power of rebirth. Go to Tong-Lin Ecological Park and have fun picking longans and climbing trees. 

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    19/07/2015, 26/07/15

    Mountain Forest Adventures

    As summer temperatures climb higher and higher, where should we go to escape the summer heat? Deep into the mountains, of course. Our guide Huaxuan will give you three forest recreational park itineraries this time, so you can absorb all the anions and phytoncides you want to completely refresh yourself.

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    Autumn Crab Hunt

    Crabs are available throughout the year, but autumn is the best season for crabs. As the old saying goes: "Autumn winds rise, crab feet itch; chrysanthemum blossom, hear the crabs come." Lake Yangcheng's hairy crabs are, of course, famous, but in recent years, Taiwan's aquaculture industry has also cultivated hiary crabs of excellent quality. Water quality is key to breeding hairy crabs.