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Welcome 2 Taiwan

Join "Welcome 2 Taiwan" as we bring you on an exciting adventure ride to get a taste of travel, food and culture in one of the most diverse destinations in Asia – Taiwan.

  • 7:30 PM


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Great "Markets" by your side

19/10/2014, 26/10/2014


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  • 5/10/2014, 12/10/2014

    The Lives of Famous Cooking Teachers

    Confucius said, "Food and relationship: the essence of humanity." Pursuing delicious food is human nature. Some people would spend huge amounts to enjoy good food at restaurants, and some would take lessons and learn from teachers the secrets to cooking, so as to be their own chef at home, satisfying both themselves and their family's stomachs.  

  • 21/09/2014, 28/09/2014

    Warm Hotpot

    Hotpot is one of the most convenient and quickest cuisine, and is one where everyone can be satisfied. With a pot of boiling soup, you can cook anything you want. You don't need any cooking skills, and you cook when you want to eat. 

  • 7/09/2014, 14/09/2014

    What does the Wind of September bring?

     Hsinchu has the Snow Mountain Range on the southeast, is surrounded by Hukou flatlands on the north, and has Mt. Xiangshan on the south. This alluvial plain lies in a trumpet shape from southeast to northwest, so every year, when theWind of September comes, strong winds enter from the Taiwan Strait, like a draft that can't get back out once it comes in. 

  • 24/08/2014, 31/08/2014

    Amazing Skill! Bladework Cuisine

    Bladework is a huge leap in progress in human food culture. Not only does it change the shape and size of food and make food more suitable for eating, different bladework also makes food easier to cook, flavour and convenient for handling. It can also beautify the food outlook and stimulate appetite.

  • 10/08/2014, 17/08/2014

    Mixed Taiwanese Flavours

    According to statistics, there were 380,000 expatriates in Taiwan in 2009, and many foreigners have opened up restaurants selling their hometown cuisine. This is not only exotic, but also uses ingredients and recipes familiar to them. 

  • 27/07/2014, 3/08/2014

    Delicacies in Hualien's lanes and alleys

    Many who have been to Hualien are attracted by its scenic mountains at the back and sea up front, as well as the leisurely pace of life. Many shops in Hualien thus come together to promote the activity "City of leisure - Hualien",  hoping to let everyone who visit  feel the beauty of slowing down, be it on eating, living or travelling.