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Join "Welcome 2 Taiwan" as we bring you on an exciting adventure ride to get a taste of travel, food and culture in one of the most diverse destinations in Asia – Taiwan.

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The Good Old Days of Chiayi

19/02/2017, 26/02/2017


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    05/02/2017, 12/02/2017

    Matsu Island Escapade

    Matsu has four townships and five islands, of which the largest island of Nangan is the most popular. The famous Matsu Distillery is situated right outside Niujiao Village. Tunnel 88, used to store wine, is a major feature.

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    22/01/2016, 29/01/2017

    Incredible Tamsui

    Tamsui, the first town which came into contact with Western culture, holds historical monuments and the touching story of Mackay. 

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    08/01/2016, 15/01/2017

    Forget Your Troubles in Hualien

    When the first cool breeze blows across Liushidan (Sixty Stones) Mountain in Hualien, day-lilies prepare to bloom in all their glory. Here, you can take in exotic views, admire the graceful curves of East Rift (Huatung) Valley, harvest fresh day-lily buds with the farmers, and prepare simple and flavourful day-lily dishes.

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    25/12/2016, 01/01/2017

    The Lovely Town of Qingshui

    During the Japanese Occupation, there lived a legendary figure named Liao Tianding. He was said to be born and raised in Qingshui, a small village in Taichung. His parents died early, so he had to make a living as an odd-job worker.

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    11/12/2016, 18/12/2016

    “Wanderful” Tainan

    Public bus is the commuting choice of students and office workers in Taipei, where the fast-paced life often exhausts the people. In Tainan, however, the bus becomes the first choice of sightseers.

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    27/11/2016, 04/12/2016

    Arts Scene of Tainan

    The highlight of the year goes to Chimei Museum situated in Tainan Metro Park. It was finally ready after over 10 years of preparation, starting an art craze right after its opening.