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Welcome 2 Taiwan

Join "Welcome 2 Taiwan" as we bring you on an exciting adventure ride to get a taste of travel, food and culture in one of the most diverse destinations in Asia – Taiwan.

  • 7:30 PM


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Autumn Crab Hunt



Previous Episodes

  • 22/12/2014

    Spicy Spice-filled cuisine

    What are the four gods of Chinese cuisine?  No lavish shark's fin, ginseng, abalone or maw, but spring onion, ginger, garlic and chilli, which remove fishiness and enhance flavours for the main ingredients in sautéing, cooking, pan-frying and deep-frying. Come to think about it, Chinese cuisine wouldn't work without these "supporting characters" quietly helping out on the side. 

  • 8/12/2014

    Liudui Hakka

    Taiwan's second largest ethnic group, the Hakka, consists of over four million people. Have you ever been curious how their name came about?  Apart from Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli areas in the north, there is also a Hakka settlement in Liudui, Pingtung in the south.  

  • 01/12/2014

    East and west travel armies--ding-ding-dong in east Taiwan

    Ding-ding-dong! Ding-ding-dong! Happy new year and good fortune to all. 

  • 24/11/2014

    East and west travel armies - smiles in west Taiwan

    In the past year, the guides of "Welcome to Taiwan" took everyone all over Taiwan, accompanying you to many interesting and beautiful places.

  • 17/11/2014

    Fun Yilan

    A scene that best represents the beauty of Yilan in late autumn is the fruit-filled jujube orchard.

  • 9/11/2014

    Fun travel with friends - Peijun's dream sky

    A young student, a century-old house, a relationship that transcends age and time...