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Welcome 2 Taiwan

Join "Welcome 2 Taiwan" as we bring you on an exciting adventure ride to get a taste of travel, food and culture in one of the most diverse destinations in Asia – Taiwan.

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Fresh Tribal Experience

17/04/2016, 24/04/2016


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    03/04/2016, 10/04/2016

    Indigenous-style Vacation in Hualien

    Also known as the back garden of Taiwan, Hualien has a very beautiful natural landscape to offer. Here in Hualien, we’re going to visit the tribal community of the indigenous people residing here – the Amis people.

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    20/03/16, 27/03/16

    Fun in South Taiwan

    For a fun and cooling summer trip in Taiwan, Dapeng Bay in Pingtung County is the place to go! Try out some of their challenging and exciting water activities such as windsurfing here. A guided sightseeing cruise tour is also available for visitors to travel to other islands within the vicinity.

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    06/03/16, 13/03/16

    Glamor of Taipei City

    With various government buildings such as the Presidential Office Building located here, Taipei’s Boai Special District is known to be the core of the nation’s government body. The once very solemn area is now a great spot to tour within Taipei City. 

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    21/02/16, 28/02/16

    Explore the offshore islands of Taiwan

    Being surrounded by the sea, Taiwan is blessed with some of the most vibrant and attractive offshore islands that are worth a visit. In this trip, we’ll take you to wander off to these beautiful islands that offer unobstructed views where you can appreciate the beauty of the vast sky and sea. 

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    07/02/16, 14/02/16

    Fly back in time in Lukang Township

    Lukang Township has a history of over 200 years and is widely known as an old township in Taiwan. Much of its tradition is still preserved today; Travel back in time here by strolling along their meandering pavements and have an up-close look at their well-maintained old shops and houses. Lukang Township’s Longshan Temple is one of the popular places of attraction which you can explore too.

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    24/01/16, 31/01/16

    Journey With Your Dreams

    How far can dreams go? Is there a limit to one’s strength? Let’s follow two dreamers in Taipei, Xie Zhangtian and Xie Zhangping, who are brothers, to discover their journey in fulfilling their deepest dreams.