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Welcome 2 Taiwan

Join "Welcome 2 Taiwan" as we bring you on an exciting adventure ride to get a taste of travel, food and culture in one of the most diverse destinations in Asia – Taiwan.

  • 7:30 PM


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Gongguan's Delicacy Map



Previous Episodes

  • 31/03/2014,7/04/2014

    Vegetarian Food

    Vegetarian good is no longer limited to dull, tasteless vegetables and tofu. Apart from religious and health reasons, more and more people are concerned about being eco-friendly, saving energy, reducing carbon output, and are  eating less meat and more vegeatables. You can satisfy your taste buds without feeling guilty, and stay healty while doing your part for Earth. 

  • 23/03/2014, 30/03/2014

    Wrapped-up Deliciousness Food

    ‘Welcome to Taiwan’ will take you to sample Taiwan's classic "wrapped-up deliciousness"-  soup dumplings, wontons, sweet dumplings, pan-fried buns, steamed dumplings and steamed spring rolls.

  • 09/03/2014, 16/03/2014

    "Welcome to Taiwan" is redefining the travel relationships

    "Welcome to Taiwan" is redefining the travel relationships. It is no longer a monetary exchange between "boss" and "customer", but cordial reception between "host" and "guest". 

  • 23/02/2014, 02/03/2014

    What is your impression of Hsinchu?

    What is your impression of Hsinchu? Are they, the snacks in front of City God Temple, the tall buildings in the Science and Industrial Park, or the sunny 17km coast line?  

  • 02/02/2014, 16/02/2014

    East and west travel armies--ding-ding-dong in east Taiwan

    Ding-ding-dong! Ding-ding-dong! Happy new year and good fortune to all. 

  • 19/01/2014, 26/01/2014

    East and west travel armies - smiles in west Taiwan

    In the past year, the guides of "Welcome to Taiwan" took everyone all over Taiwan, accompanying you to many interesting and beautiful places.