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Sg designers 2021 Hero

How 4 Singapore fashion brands grew stronger during the pandemic

The founders of Love, Bonito, The Missing Piece, Yacht 21 and Ong Shunmugam shared how they pivoted and stayed on top of their ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

There is a disparity in student experiences when it comes to school counselling. (Photo: iStock)

‘With school counsellors, it’s really hit-or-miss’: Behind the challenge of safeguarding student mental health

As recent events throw a spotlight on the mental health of Singapore’s youth, questions have been raised on how equipped ...


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TOKYO 2020


There is clearly little performance logic behind the sexist and bizarre rules that women in sports have to conform to just to compete.

Lavinia Thanapathy weighs in on the fine imposed on Norway's women handball team for wearing shorts

Norway beach handball teams in 2019. (Photo: Twitter)
Commentary Commentary: Why should women’s handball athletes be made to wear bikini bottoms?
Singapore should avoid an over-reliance on tech solutions when incompatible human behaviours are at work.

SMU's Mark Findlay analyses how the KTV and Jurong Fishery clusters eluded tracing apps

MSE f&b outlets safe management measure breach COVID-19 (2)
Commentary Commentary: TraceTogether and SafeEntry were never foolproof in averting recent fishery port and KTV clusters
The Agong and the royal houses are currently seen as the only remaining institution of sense that can act in the interests of Malaysians.

ISEAS' Serina Rahman examines the role Malaysia's royal institution plays in the ongoing crisis

Muhyiddin Yassin and Agong
Commentary Commentary: Malaysia king’s role comes into sharper focus as country sails through bleakest COVID-19 days
Indonesia is losing doctors at a critical point in its COVID-19 fight. It’s a huge loss of medical expertise when many departed doctors are highly trained.

ISEAS' A’an Suryana describes how Indonesia's healthcare is reaching breaking point

A doctor grieves after her husband, a doctor and chair of the West Papuan doctors' association
Commentary Commentary: Overwhelmed Indonesian hospitals with COVID-19 cases behind high doctor fatalities
It's hoped the Tokyo 2020 ceremony signals a return to basics, a return to when the opening ceremony was simply an official start to the sports rather than an end in itself.

John Duerden looks back at Olympics opening ceremonies and imagines what future editions could look like

The Olympic torch is being carried on a nationwide relay across Japan
Commentary Commentary: Toned-down Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony can set new standard for future games
Fifty years ago in Thailand, 300kg of seafood could be fished per hour. Today, only 18kg of seafood can be fished per hour.

NTU's William Chen also highlights the limits to sustainable seafood consumption as a solution to dwindling fish numbers

People shop for fish at a wet market in Singapore
Commentary Commentary: Plenty of fish in the sea? Seafood-loving Singapore may not have its fill in the future

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Climate For Change: Closing The Loop

Waste is generated on an epic scale. As humans, we have adopted a linear approach to food, plastic and clothes in our daily lives. We take, we ...


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Insight investigates and analyses topical issues that impact Asia and the rest of the world.

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Money Mind 2021/2022

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In Conversation 2021/2022

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