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FILE PHOTO - Former Singapore PM Lee smiles during a dialogue session in Singapore

China honours Lee Kuan Yew for 'long-standing' support of its development

China on Tuesday honoured Singapore's founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in recognition of his and Singapore's "long-standing support" of ...

No one can 'dictate' to China what it should do: Xi Jinping

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Lifestyle rhythm breaker DINING 1

CNA lifestyle

Nigella Lawson tummy

Nigella Lawson doesn’t want her tummy airbrushed, thank you very much

The TV cook tweets a stand against unrealistic photographic representations of herself. Also, word of the day: "Pernicious".

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

OTRD We are the Pohan family main

The struggle to bring up Tamimi, a 13-year-old with brittle bone disease

What does it take to care for a child with disability, when even an act of holding him too hard would break his bones? On The ...

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Japan Airlines' saviour was 77-year-old retiree and ordained Buddhist monk Kazuo Inamori.

How a Buddhist monk turned CEO revived Japan Airlines from bankruptcy

Mortuary attendants wheeling a body trolley in the Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Inside the hospital mortuary, lessons in life and death

Supplements: A waste of $?
Media playtime

Supplements: A waste of $?

How millennial bosses think
Media playtime

How millennial bosses think

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Mdm Sarina Siregar pushing her son Tamimi Pohan in his wheelchair.

Life with brittle bones as a 13-year-old

When your son has had over 50 fractures by the age of 13, and your hug can break his bones - it takes a love that never falters. 


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Why It Matters

Why It Matters 2

He has journeyed to the past, travelled to the future and now he's back for more. Host Joshua Lim returns with a brand new season of this ...

Deciphering Indonesia

Deciphering Indonesia

For years, news anchor Cheryl Marella has reported on Indonesia from the studios and seen her birth country go through dramatic change. Now, she ...

The Truth About Fake News

The Truth About Fake News

It has been almost 2 years since Donald Trump was elected America’s 45th president. And with that, the term Fake News entered the public ...

In Search of Umami

In Search of Umami

Umami is the 5th basic taste after sweet, sour, bitter and salty but unlike the others, it’s hard to define. Often described as savoury, meaty ...

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asian voices

(Dr Mahathir) has described our two countries and compared them to a pair of twins. And that’s a good illustration. As twins, you ought to embrace each other and help each other grow and help each other succeed and celebrate each other’s achievements. ​​​​​​​

Singapore Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan on the maritime dispute with Malaysia

Khaw Boon Wan media doorstop Dec 12 - 5
Singapore Maritime dispute: Malaysia has taken steps to de-escalate tensions, 1 ship left in Singapore waters, says Khaw
The ceiling fell, then the entire second floor collapsed and we were all stuck. We managed to escape after everyone kicked through the wall.

Customer who was in the Sapporo restaurant when the explosion took place

A view of a site of an explosion at a bar in Sapporo
Asia Explosion at Japan restaurant injures 42
At the end of the day, it is about what is in the child’s best interests.

Ivan Cheong, lawyer for a gay Singaporean man who was allowed to adopt his surrogate son

hands of father and baby, black and white
Singapore Gay father permitted to adopt biological son born via surrogacy, in first for Singapore
I feel sad wondering how he’d manage after I’m gone, how he’d live, what his future and his marriage life would be like. Whatever happens, we’ll accept it and continue to live our lives on a day-to-day basis.

Muliadi Pohan, whose son Tamimi has brittle bone disease

Mr Muliadi Pohan carries Tamimi out of bed on to the floor, and then his son crawls to the bathroom.
CNA Insider The struggle to bring up Tamimi, a 13-year-old with brittle bone disease
If we could just [enable] them to study… Maybe one of them will make it out of their hometowns, and that’ll make all the difference.

Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling, on why she plans to focus on charity work building schools in remote parts of China

Lin Chi Ling Longines 2
Lifestyle Lin Chi Ling wants to slow her career down in 2019 to focus on the children
With the eyes of the world on you, you chose to highlight your work with the poor, and to send a much-needed message of hope to all. With those words, you already became a winner in our hearts.

Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo on Catriona Gray’s Miss Universe win

Miss Philippines Miss Universe 2018
Lifestyle 'You have made us all proud’: Celebrities, netizens react to Philippines’ Miss Universe 2018 win

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