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  1. Having a runny nose? Avoid antibiotics, or we could pay a deadly price

    With the rise of superbugs, the impact of drug resistance is becoming more serious. One woman tells Talking Point how it left her blind and "like ...
  2. Commentary: Would you know if you’ve been fed a deliberate online falsehood? Probably not

    Nanyang Technological University’s Edson C Tandoc Jr sheds light on why tackling deliberate online falsehoods is an uphill climb that deserves ...
  3. Commentary: Myanmar’s track record left wanting after a year of shattered hopes in 2017

    Aung San Suu Kyi’s government came into power on a wave of euphoria and high hopes in 2016. Yet, its actions in 2017 have largely shattered hopes ...
  4. Does a strong immune system ward off colds and flu?

  5. Commentary: Why a nice office alone won’t attract millennials to your company

    Funky design features in the workplace are popular perks employers use to attract job-seekers, but interesting work and the quality of management ...
  6. Commentary: Will you keep your New Year’s resolutions? Easier said than done

    Hastily kept and rarely seen through, New Year’s resolutions can be tricky. One psychology expert from the National University of Singapore shares ...
  7. NTU scientists develop patch that helps burn fats

  8. Debunking myths about estrangement

    It’s the classic image of the holidays: Parents, siblings and their children gather around the family table to feast and catch up on each other’s ...
  9. Jewel Changi Airport on track for 2019 opening

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