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  1. Canada PM Trudeau to travel to US to smooth ties

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will travel to the United States in February to smooth over bilateral relations and save a continental ...
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    1,000 new jobs in Singapore's aerospace industry to be created by 2020

    About 1,000 new jobs will be created in the aerospace industry by 2020 through a new Industry Transformation Map (ITM), the Singapore Economic ...
  3. 1,000 new jobs in Singapore's aerospace industry to be created by 2020

  4. Hoya surgical optics opens research facility to develop solutions for cataracts

  5. Uphill battle to curb child labour in Myanmar, where 13-year-olds work in construction

    With 1 in 5 working instead of attending school, the country is grappling with a potential future crisis. The programme Get Real meets the ...
  6. Steel, soft power and 'fake' Islamic art: China's Belt and Road to the Middle East

    The new season of The New Silk Road looks at China's extension of its master plan for trade and soft power influence, and how it's changing the ...
  7. Commentary: Myanmar’s track record left wanting after a year of shattered hopes in 2017

    Aung San Suu Kyi’s government came into power on a wave of euphoria and high hopes in 2016. Yet, its actions in 2017 have largely shattered hopes ...
  8. Commentary: Kim Jong Un emerges from 2017 stronger

    North Korea's expanded missile and nuclear capabilities built up over 2017 has strengthened Kim Jong Un's position, says one observer from the US ...

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