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  1. 'Hello, new little brother': Former orphan's first Chinese New Year with a family

    Eight-year-old Keyuan has been afraid to sleep alone at night in his new home in Singapore. Thank goodness he's now got three siblings to chase ...
  2. Women in the Philippines turn to implants to protect themselves against unplanned pregnancy

    The distribution of free implants is the latest contraceptive measure in the Philippines allowed by its supreme court.
  3. Children in China receive ears grown from their own cells

  4. Breast implants tied to increased risk of rare blood cancer

  5. Hoya surgical optics opens research facility to develop solutions for cataracts

  6. Thawed, fresh embryos work equally well in many women

  7. Brazil's Temer undergoes urinary tract surgery

  8. West Africa population planners battle to woo Muslim hearts

  9. First Asia-wide glaucoma treatment trial launched

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