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  1. SP aerospace student overcomes gender stereotypes, 'terrible maths' as she aims for the skies

    Ms Sim Jia Ren, who caught the eye after her team came in third at an Airbus competition, also hopes more girls who have the interest will join ...
  2. Hearing-impaired children adapting to mainstream school at Mayflower Primary

  3. New technology reveals numerous ancient Maya structures in Guatemala

  4. Commentary: Cambodia can no longer depend on old drivers of growth

    After graduating from least developed country status in 2016, Cambodia needs to diversify its economy and invest in human capital to ensure ...
  5. PSB Academy acquired by specialist asset management firm ICG

  6. Uphill battle to curb child labour in Myanmar, where 13-year-olds work in construction

    With 1 in 5 working instead of attending school, the country is grappling with a potential future crisis. The programme Get Real meets the ...
  7. More women needed in science, technology sectors: Josephine Teo

  8. O-Level results: Seeing students do well is a proud, satisfying moment for Pathlight teachers

    Results day at Pathlight School marked a jubilant end to the roller-coaster ride these two teachers faced in guiding students with autism through ...
  9. Despite reforms, figure skating battles scoring flaws

    At the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, one of the biggest judging scandals in figure skating history deprived Canadian pair Jamie Sale and David ...

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