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  1. Gaming the P1 registration system: Plugging gaps could result in a system bordering ‘on the absurd’

    Catching a parent for lying about their address could be tough, former teachers tell Channel NewsAsia. And the fact that parents are willing to ...
  2. Hong Kong schools to shut early due to flu outbreak

  3. Commentary: The Government needs to do more to bridge the class divide, but so do we

    With class divisions in Singapore now far more pronounced, more steps need to be taken to expose our children to those whose realities are ...
  4. Media playtime

    Ng Chee Meng on MOE kindergartens

    Minister for Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng spoke in Parliament on Tuesday (Jan 9) on the issue of students in MOE kindergartens gaining ...
  5. ‘Sufficient access’ for children not in MOE kindergarten to enter co-located primary school: Ng Chee Meng

    The Minister for Education (Schools) said this in Parliament, following a pilot scheme where children in MOE kindergartens get priority for ...
  6. Iran bans English in primary schools after leaders' warning

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