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  1. Media, rights activists threatened in South Sudan - UN report

  2. Jordan 3D lab prints limbs for war wounded, disabled kids

    Iraqi soldier Abdullah lost his left hand fighting the Islamic State group but now he has a prosthetic one -- thanks to a 3D printing lab in Jordan.
  3. Palmreaders? Japan team builds second skin message display

  4. Warren Buffett's Valentine's Day surprise for investors

    Warren Buffett had a Valentine’s Day surprise for investors in Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd .   
  5. Shareholder Deason sues Xerox in US to block Fujifilm deal

    Xerox Corp hit back at activist shareholders Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason on Tuesday, calling criticisms of its decision to merge with Japan's ...
  6. Icahn, Deason urge Xerox shareholders to oppose Fujifilm deal

    Xerox Corp's plan to sell itself to Japan's Fujifilm Holdings has come under further pressure with Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason urging fellow ...
  7. Media playtime

    APW Episode 8

    The Ee family has been in the printing business since 1938. Ee Soon Wei, third generation heir, joined the company when the print business was in ...
  8. US stocks selloff: Will machines make it worse?

    Machine-guided, numbers-obsessed fund managers could cause U.S. stock prices to weaken further as they adjust to the return of wild gyrations in ...
  9. Xerox reports fourth-quarter loss

  10. Oops: Guests invited to Trump's State of the 'Uniom'

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