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  1. Chinese human rights lawyer's detention 'absurd': attorney

    The lawyer of a prominent Chinese human rights attorney detained in Beijing said Saturday that the allegations against his client, who has been ...
  2. Parent reading workshops can help low-income kids learn

  3. Sound therapy may train the brain to ignore tinnitus

  4. Lebanese security agency turns smartphone into selfie spycam: researchers

    Lebanon's intelligence service may have turned the smartphones of thousands of targeted individuals into cyber-spying machines in one of the first ...
  5. A year of Trump fails to improve US-Russia ties

    Donald Trump said during his election campaign he wanted to improve relations between the US and Vladimir Putin's Russia. But a year on from his ...
  6. How neighbourhoods shape life with diabetes

  7. More evidence common morning sickness drug may not work

  8. Cambridge University defends actions of tutor in Regeni case

  9. Special Report: The fabulous story of North Korea's fabric made of stone

    For much of the world, it's a niche product. In North Korea, where winter temperatures are frigid and which cannot produce enough cotton or wool ...
  10. Don't click! Bitcoin phishing scam makes its way to Singapore

    At least two people in Singapore told Channel NewsAsia they received messages on Wednesday (Jan 17) claiming that they had a Bitcoin worth more ...

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