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  1. 'Closed loop' urban farm in Queenstown tackles food waste with insects

  2. More urban farms, rooftop gardens in Singapore with enhanced greenery scheme

  3. How to transform your home with these 10 indoor plants

    Bring nature indoors – these hardy plants will change your living space into a lush green healing sanctuary.
  4. Post office workers grow vegetables, breed chickens on Paris rooftop "farm"

    An urban agriculture initiative to make Paris more environmentally sustainable, mainly through farming on the capital's rooftops, has been such a ...
  5. The future of local farming: Balancing technology and nature

  6. Airbnb expands services in Singapore to soon kueh making, pottery lessons

    Its new feature, Trips, offers activities designed and led by local experts who can share an insider’s view of their city with curious travellers, ...
  7. The urban farming pioneer who wants to feed the city’s soul

    Bjorn Low made the work of growing food in urban spaces ‘sexy’, but his other mission is to help city-dwellers reconnect with life. His story on ...
  8. i Light art installations to return in March

    The 2017 edition will introduce three themed festival hubs for visitors, as well as 20 light art installations with the theme "Light and Nature".
  9. More buying from social enterprises in Singapore: Survey

    A survey by the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) and NUS Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy showed a five-fold ...
  10. Despite small size, Singapore can play big role in food production: Khaw

    "We envision our farms of the future to be high-tech, innovative, highly intensive and productive, able to do more, with less,” says Minister for ...

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